Setting Up Your UC Davis E-mail Account


To setup a UC Davis e-mail account you must be either a current UC Davis Medical Student or recently accepted student to the School of Medicine for the next year's entering class. If you were recently accepted and wish to setup your e-mail please note that the UC Davis Information Technology Department (The Internet Account People) usually don't update their database until June.

1) Logon to to establish your account.

2) Click the "Get your UC Davis Computing Account" bubble and click the "Begin" button.

3) Fillout the requested information (Under Student ID# enter your social security number without the dashes). can also be accessed via a telnet session. If you choose this option, login as "services". Once you have established your account you can access your e-mail through the web at


If you wish to access your UC Davis e-mail through a POP e-mail client (Eudora, MS Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, etc.) you will need to change your settings to reflect your UC Davis mail pop server. When setting up your e-mail account, "computingaccounts" tells you this informaion, however if you have forgotten, you can use the UC Davis Mail ID Detective.